The Liberia National Electrification Analysis Project

The principal objective of the Liberia National Electrification Analysis (NEA) project is to prepare a framework to support increased electricity access by accelerating the pace, lowering the cost, and increasing the impact of investment, infrastructure construction, and connections.

The Liberia NEA project will provide the basis for the design, planning and implementation of the Government of Liberia’s National Electrification Strategy. This will include determining funding sources and required institutional framework to strengthen and expand existing on-grid electric service, as well as addressing electrification needs of communities that are beyond this reach.

This web visualization tool displays the geospatial results of the Liberia NEA project completed in 2020. This framework evaluates the outcome of least-cost electrification options that include densification, intensification, and expansion options for on-grid electrification in urban and rural areas of Liberia. It also illustrates opportunities to use off-grid resources like stand-alone solutions and mini-grid technologies to provide reliable and affordable electric service to rural and remote communities in Liberia.

Below are nine webGIS maps that display the major results of the NEA.

Existing MV, Transmission and Structures Density

Grid Expansion and Mini-grids

Health and Educational Facilities Electrification

AfDB and Electrification Modalities